Mallee Emu Wren Translocation

Male Mallee Emu Wren – Weight approximately 6 grams – Photos by tom Hunt
During 2014 wildfires swept across Ngarkat Conservation Park in SA, devastating the park and much of the wildlife.
In particular, the already threatened Mallee Emu Wren became extinct in SA. These birds are particularly susceptible due to their preferred habitat (spinifex) needing to be many years old and to be quite expansive. After the fire the habitat was destroyed. Since then the spinifex has begun to regenerate to the point where it is now able to support the wrens.

Enter the Rotary Club of Murray Bridge. In conjunction with the Federal Government, several universities, BirdLife Australia, Zoos SA,  Zoos Victoria and the cooperation of government agencies across two states we have been part off a project to translocate emu wrens from the some parts of Victoria back into the Ngarkat park.
Murray Bridge Rotary has been involved with research and identification of suitable habit in Wyperfeld National Park in Victoria and then some months ago in Hattah-Kulkyne / Murray Sunset, wrens were collected and transported to a new home in Ngarkat.
At the time of you reading this my club is again in Murray Sunset / Hattah providing support for the translocation of another forty birds. In addition to members of the Rotary Club of Murray Bridge, we have been supported by the Rotary Club of Hallett Cove and community members from Adelaide & Strathalbyn.
The first translocation has been highly successful and a high percentage on the birds still being sighted in Ngarkat.
We look forward to continuing our support of this great environmental project.