Remembrance Day 2018 - 100th Anniversary

An article from Sam Cozens to Helen Peake as a member of the MBHS Staff
Thank you on behalf of Elizabeth and myself, for the opportunity to share with the students of Murray Bridge High School, both at the impressive Remembrance ceremony at the School on Friday morning, and today at the “March across the Murray River” with the School Band and all the Year 9 students, to another impressive ceremony at the RSL headquarters today.
The speakers at both events had very significant messages that related directly to the present and future responsibility of the students themselves, for their role in keeping the ongoing message alive when the present generation has passed on.
Chris Tilley with his “hats story” had the students intrigued, and I am certain they understood that it was a message for them. The relation between the often awful role of military persons in preserving our way of life, was well stated and I believe understood by the students.
This morning Bob Channon did very well with his recall of some very pertinent history of Murray Bridge itself during the period of World War II.
I found RSL President David Laing’s address to the students this morning particularly moving. David involved the students in a very personal review of the changing need for our country to be involved in armed conflict with others, the ongoing effect of the involvement in such conflict, both for the warriors themselves and for a wide spectrum of people in the community.
David particularly stressed the responsibility for successive generations to remember the awful cost of war, to remember the reasons for the sacrifice of individuals, and to actively seek ways to ensure that such conflicts should be strenuously avoided in the future.
Congratulations Helen on your role in making the 100th Anniversary of Remembrance of WWI a special occasion for our local community, and for the opportunity for our community service organisation to be a part of this remembrance observance.
I would be remiss if I do not remark upon the respectful behaviour displayed by our local Year 9 students this morning, and for the whole school assembly last Friday. This directly reflects the quality of what is occurring at our local school through the teaching staff.